Dementia – can you escape the inevitable?

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I have written about many diseases.

Some like Julius Caeser, simply marches in…bold, brazen, no bars held and very often fatal. Others are the giggling, silly types. They pose no threat to life. They come seasonally, tease, flirt, and wither away with time. Then there are the serpents in the grass types. The perfect camouflage before the final hiss.

In complete contrast to all others that exist, Alzheimer’s Dementia as a disease is an entirely different reptile. An absolute sadist that almost pleasures in its slow execution. Objectively, it touches none. From the toes to the tip of the finest hair, nothing gets ruffled. In other words, there’s no external insult. What we have instead is a functional ruin. An inside out annihilation of God’s most chosen subject.

Loss of memory, loss of cognitive skills, loss of intellectual capabilities…complete rubble beneath a smooth architecture. Where do we stand now? How are we, scientists, physicians, and humans dealing with this rampant newcomer? Are we doing enough? Time to regroup ourselves.

Experts in Alzheimer’s have identified a new category called…

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