Prescription drug addiction: When physicians become drug dealers

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It was always there. Physicians overprescribing controlled substances weren’t born last night. For decades opioids have been prescribed with complete comprehension of their deleterious effects. There was knowledge that these prescription drugs introduced addiction. That these drugs were sold on the streets were also known.

Why this fracas about this new found epidemic? What has triggered the global nerve so fiercely? Not difficult questions. Agonizing literature of infants born from mothers hooked onto narcotic prescriptions, now suffering from both adverse and withdrawal effects finally dented an utter nonchalance that had shrouded the practice of medicine. This was a disaster that was waiting to happen. We now have an epidemic that has spilled into a new generation.

I have always been a firm advocate of governance in education. It is dangerous and fatal to have knowledge that does not possess conscience. More so in medicine, that is dynamic, rapidly evolving and ultra-sensitive. And here lies the tragedy of this epidemic. The very same men and women who are in the business of saving lives are the points of entry to this new avenue of human annihilation. For those hardened in sin, statistics may not matter. But the look of thousands dying every year from prescriptions can be downright nauseating.

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